It’s an average day in an unassuming courtroom in 1979 when Anne (Claire Cage), a courtroom illustrator, gets her world gets turned upside-down as a convict, and the love of her life, Simon (Glen Fox), enters the room and she plunges into a world of her wildest dreams.


Sketch is a short comedy about Anne (Claire Cage), a courtroom illustrator, who falls hopelessly in love with a convict, Simon (Glen Fox). Anne struggles through her day to day life due to the constant ridicule from her imaginary mother Ethel (Nuala Walsh) who’s never far away with a crass comment but Simon inspires Anne’s escape from her, allowing her to descend into her imagination. Anne’s refuge in her music and her imagination allows her to go to a place where her and Simon can be alone to finally embrace in an impassioned dance off.



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